Transferring a Domain Name

Endis can manage your domain name for you, ensuring it is set up correctly to reference your new web site, and making sure it doesn't expire if someone forgets to renew the domain name registration.  To do this you need to notify the central domain name registrar that you are giving Endis the authority to manage your domain name.

Arrangements need to be made for transferring domain names well in advance of the actual site launch date.  The transferral process can take up to two weeks if there are problems contacting domain administrators.


This transfer process means the authority to administer the domain is transferred.  The domain name will continue to be associated with any current web site, so transfering the domain name does not mean your new web site will suddenly go live.  The site launch process comes later, and consists of changing the name server records.

Endis Insight will make an annual service charge of $20 per annum (plus VAT where applicable) per domain name.  This includes domain name registration fees and domain name management.

You will retain ownership of the domain name, and are free to transfer the domain name to another supplier in the future.  Whilst Endis is are managing the domain name for you, they will become the official administrative contact for the domain.

The procedure for transfering a domain name differs depending on its suffix:


Top Level Domain names (eg .com, .org, .net)

The registered Administrative Contact for your domain name must be able to approve the transfer request.  You can look up your current Administrative Contact using a Whois search.

Once you can confirm that the administrative contact is correct and is able to access the registered email address, the following process will take place:

  • Endis Insight will make a transfer request for your domain name to InterNIC
  • The transfer request will generate an automatic email to the Administrative Email address registered to your domain name.
  • Contained within that email will be a link that authorises the domain transfer.  The administrative contact needs to click this link to enable the transfer to take place.
  • Within 7 days the transfer will take place and Endis will be able to manage the domain name. 

If the current administrative contact is not correct, please notify Endis as soon as possible and we will discuss how to rectify this in your situation.

Please note that domain names must meet InterNIC's requirements to be able to be transferred:

  1. The domain must have been registered for more than 60 days.
  2. The current admin contact must be able to confirm the transfer.
  3. The domain name must not be 'on hold' with the current registrar. The domain could be on hold for payment issues, renewal issues etc.
  4. The domain must be at least 40 days from it's renewal date.