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Domain Names

Domain Name Servers (DNS) are the phone books of the Internet.  They map the names of computers (eg. to a numerical address that computers can understand.  Your web site will need a domain name that is associated with Endis Insight's web servers so that people can get to your web pages. 

 Read more about how DNS works 

If your site needs a new domain name ...

Then Endis can register one on your behalf and make sure it is associated with your web site.  Ask Endis support for more information.


If you already use a domain name ....

Then to launch your site, arrangements will have to be made to change the entry in the DNS "phone book" to refer to the new web servers.   You need to start this process in plenty of time before your site launch date.

There are two steps to this:

  1. Domain Name Transfer - this transfers the authority to administer the Name Server Records from your current ISP to Endis Insight.
    >> Transferring a Domain Name 
  2. Site Launch - when you are ready to launch the site Endis Insight will modify the Name Server Records to associate your domain name with the new web site.
    >> Going Live 

What about email?

Domain names not only point to web sites, they also match email addresses to mail servers.  The options for configuring email addresses on your domain are independent of the setup of your web site.
>> More about email

Going Live
The process of switching on your new web site involves changing the records held on the domain name server to point your web address to the new web site. More ...
Transferring a Domain Name
Endis can manage your domain name for you, ensuring it is set up correctly to reference your new web site, and making sure it doesn't expire if someone forgets to renew the domain name registration. To do this you need to notify the central domain name r More ...
How DNS works
The process of transfering a domain name involves changing the records held by Internic (and also the records held on the primary and secondary name servers). The part of the process that can take some time is ensuring that changes are only made by peopl More ...

If you can't find answers here or in the forums, you can always email support and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.